Keep your carpet looking great with our care & maintenance guide.

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Daily Carpet Care

Carpet is a low-maintenance flooring option. Simply by setting up a routine and sticking to it, you can ensure that your carpet flooring always looks pristine. Follow our tips below to ensure your carpet continues to look great and function well.

Start by investing in a quality vacuum and using it every couple of days. Vacuuming is about more than just keeping your carpet looking clean; it always helps to prevent the build-up of dirt and other debris that can permanently stain or damage your carpet. You can elect to use a vacuum with or without a beater bar; that's up to you. Vacuuming is the number one way to prolong the lifespan of your carpet. You may also want to put doormats outside of your home and encourage guests to remove their shoes before entering as well.

Dealing With Carpet Spills & Stains

When/if a spill occurs, the key is to act fast! Delaying may cause the spill to become a permanent stain—blot liquids with a dry, white absorbent cloth or white paper towels. Before using any unknown cleaning substances on your carpet, pretest the solution on another material.

If you need to use an approved cleaning solution, pretest it on another material first. After testing the substance, rub the substance into your flooring from the outside in. When the spill is completely removed, rinse the area with cold water; blot with a dry until removed. When in doubt, consult your manufacturer on best practices. 

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