Hardwood is a fantastic flooring option for your home. Learn more about the benefits of hardwood and our hardwood offerings at Baker Valley Floors today. 

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Is Hardwood Flooring Right For You?

Few flooring options are as beautiful and as durable as hardwood flooring. With hardwood, homeowners are treated to a flooring that offers style, a lack of maintenance, and that can actually help to up the resale value of your home. It's true! The benefits of hardwood are innumerable, and because of that fact, it long has and will long remain one of the most sought-after flooring options on the market. With hardwood, you get trend-setting and high-performing flooring that will never go out of style. 

At Baker Valley Floors, we're proud to feature hardwood from top brands like Anderson Tuftex, Anderson Wood, Appalachian Hardwood, Armstrong, Bella Cera, Hallmark, Homerwood, Johnson Hardwood, Kahrs, Lauzon Hardwood, Maine Traditions Hardwood, Mirage, Natural Cork, BSL Hardwood, Somerset Floors, Teragren Bamboo, WECork, and Wicanders Cork.

Learn more about the benefits of hardwood, hardwood care & maintenance, hardwood installation, and our hardwood sanding and refinishing services below. 

The Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is a fantastic flooring option that offers impressive benefits, including:

  • Hardwood can up the resale value of any home where it is installed. 
  • Hardwood is durable and can last for up to 100 years if maintained well. 
  • Hardwood offers breathtaking visuals and a level of uniqueness that is not found in other flooring options. 
  • Hardwood is available in various species, colors, plank sizes, washes, styles, and overall designs. 
  • Hardwood is always in style!
  • Hardwood offers simple care and maintenance. Broom sweeping is all that is needed on a daily basis to keep your hardwood looking great. 
  • Hardwood can function well in various rooms within a home, including living spaces, bedrooms, dining rooms, offices, and more. 
Hardwood Floors | Baker Valley Floors
Hardwood Refinishing | Baker Valley Floors


At Baker Valley Floors, we're proud to offer sanding and refinishing services to our customers. With the help of our team of trained industry professionals, we'll help to return your hardwood flooring to its original form. Whether your hardwood is decades old and needs a major refresh, or it was installed the past few years ago and requires some upkeep, our team can assist. Learn more about our hardwood sanding and refinishing services today!

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