Keep your tile flooring looking its best with our care & maintenance guide. 

Tile Care & Maintenance | Baker Valley Floors

Daily Tile Care

Both durable and waterproof, tile floors are extremely low-maintenance. Therefore, ensuring that they always look their best is relatively simple. Learn more about basic tile maintenance below. 

While tile offers ease of maintenance, some basic upkeep is required to keep your tile looking great. By sweeping your tile floors on a regular basis, you can help actively remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can work its way into the cracks and crevasses. It's also important to place doormats at entryways as well. You should encourage your guests to use these mats and always remove shoes before walking on your tile floors. You may also elect to mop your tile floors occasionally, but do not let water pool as it can seep into the subfloor. 

Dealing With Tile Spills & Stains

Tile flooring is naturally waterproof, so cleaning up liquid spills is simple. By wiping up the mess as soon as it occurs, you can help to prevent discoloration on your floors. Otherwise, liquid spills aren't cause for much concern as tile, generally, will not stain. 

For solid messes, use a broom and dustpan to sweep up the mess. With tile, it's really that simple. As a low-maintenance flooring option, tile offers a general lack of required upkeep that is desirable to homeowners. 

Tile Care & Maintenance | Baker Valley Floors